1949 Armistice Agreements

A set of agreements between Israel and neighboring countries (Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria) this agreement ended the “official” hostilities between these nations. The UN from this established agencies to supervise and report back about any changes or tensions in the established armistice lines. These lines held until the 1967 six-day war.

49lines.gifEgypt’s armistice

January 6th 1949 Ralph Bunche announced that Egypt would finally start talks with Israel on an armistice.as a result they could not make agreements and were stuck in a standstill until Hassan al-Banna was killed and Israel threatened to stop the talks with Egypt where the united states appealed to both nations to finally reach an agreement

external image israel.lebanon.jpgLebanon armistice

Signed on march 23 1949. One of the main points were that Israel had to withdraw forces from 13 villages in Lebanon which the Israelis occupied during the war.

external image armistice_map.gifJordan armistice

Signed April 3rd 1949 Jordan had to withdraw forces overlooking Plain of Sharon and in return the Israelis allowed the Jordanians to take over positions in west bank that were held by Iraq.

external image Syria_Israel_border_skirmish.jpgSyria armistice

Signed July 20th 1949 Syria had to withdraw it forces from the majority of the territories it controlled west of the international border. (which then became the demilitarized zone)external image Israel_Armistice_lines_Map_1949.gifThe official lines created by the 1949 Armistice