Agent Orange

Agent Orange is a defoliant used by the American military. The name Agent Orange comes from the stripe on the barrel it was shipped in. It was manufactured for the United States department of defense.

Use during the Vietnam war
The Americans used almost 20,000,000 gallons of the material as a part of 'Operation Ranch Hand'. The goal was to deforest the land and destroy all brush so the enemy had no where to hid. They also dropped agent orange on villages and the houses would disintegrate. Approximately 6,542 spraying missions took place during Operation Ranch Hand. In onlyexternal image agent_orange_epandage.jpg South

Vietnam approximately 10 million hectares of agriculture was destroyed. They usually sprayed agent orange from a helicopter or a low flying airplane. They also had trucks, boats and even men on foot spraying from a backpack.

American Soldiers
Soldiers who served in Vietnam have a higher chance of getting cancer, having nerve damage and other serious diseases. The soldiers who were exposed to agent orange were more likely to get leukemia, lung cancer, colon cancer, throat cancer and many more.

Lies about Agent Orange
In Vietnam, the soldiers were told the chemical was harmless. It wasn't until after they all returned home they started to realize the horrible affects of agent orange. The soldiers started to figure out what the illnesses were from and tried to file claims and get payments, but most of them got denied. Only 486 victims of agent orange had been compensated by 1933 when 39,419 soldiers had filed claims.

There was an estimate of 400,000 people who were killed or harmed and 500,000 babies were born with birth defects from the effects of agent orange. At least 3 million Vietnamese people were affected by agent orange. Woman had higher chances of miscarriages or stillbirths. In the areas where agent orange was sprayed children developed many health problems and defects. Also American soldiers who were in contact with agent orange had health problems, some of them genetic and are able to be passed on to their children. Even today there are still dangerous chemicals in the soil in Vietnam and continue to cause illness.